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The metabolic development environment

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Metingear is an open source desktop application for creating and curating genome scale metabolic networks with chemical structure.

Creating a high-quality genome-scale metabolite reconstruction requires meticulous manual annotation and can take substantial time to complete. Metingear simplifies the process of manual annotation providing a higher-quality and correctly annotated reconstruction in less time.

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Metingear was created by members of the Cheminformatics and Metabolism group at the EMBL, European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI). The project is funded by EMBL, Unilever and the BBSRC

Example Reconstructions
For quick start, the Metingear binary format is recomended.
Model Organism References SBML (lvl 2 ver 4) Metingear binary
iYO844 B. subtilis Oh et al. 2007 iYO844.xml
iBsu1103 B. subtilis 168 Henry et al. 2009 iBsu1103.xml
iJR904 E. coli K-12 Reed et al. 2003 iJR904.xml
Key Features
Importing existing models

Import reconstructions from:

Include nucleotide and protein sequence information from:

Metabolite cross-referencing

Metingear provides easily resolution of cross-references

Chemical structure
Data resources

Simplified interaction with:

To improve speed, users can load resources into a searchable local index. The index dramatically improves speed and allows customised searching, such as chemical substructure. All services are link to identifiers so once an identifier is added Metingear can identify if any services are available and which services can be used.


Screen Casts
Annotating an SBML model
Before you start you will want to check out the written tutorial with details of what you need to do before you start. Alternatively you can watch the before you begin video.

Other Projects

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** currently web-service only